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20-minute Training Routines

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Intro to Simple Massage
for Bloating & Stomach Problems

In Chinese medicine, a healthy digestion requires harmony between your Spleen and Liver.

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Qigong for HER

1. Cleansing Qigong (limpiar)
Cleanse your heart and mind of what is no longer useful.
2. Nourishing Qigong (nutrir)
Nourish your body, mind, and soul.
3. Rooting Qigong (enraizar)
Root yourself in a new way of thinking and being.
4. Blossoming Qigong (florecienter)
Allow your new self to blossom and grow.
5. Protecting Qigong (proteger tu espacio y energía)
Discover your boundaries and protect your personal space and energy.

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Private Lessons and Personal Health Consultations

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Kathy Yang

Zuzanna Grzywacz

“Kathy’s kind and compassionate manner fosters trust, making it easy and comfortable to discuss symptoms and health issues. She is clearly passionate about TCM and about helping people reach health and wellness goals. Kathy has a special gift and I consider myself fortunate to have been at the receiving end of her wisdom and guidance.”
~Heidi B, USA

“I’ve known Zuza for years and always perceive her as an amazing woman who tries to bring balance and harmony around her. Her passion for Qigong is unsurpassed and deeply rooted in a great desire to work with people who need to improve their flow of energy. Zuza has the intuition, the kindness and the skills to guide people through the most beautiful parts of their body and soul.”
~Angelika Buchholz, Poland

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