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Qigong for HER

Sunday 04-05-2020

Rise Up, Girl! KZ Qigong is a project started by Kathy Yang and Zuzanna Grzywacz (Zuza), sisters at heart and Qigong instructors, with the mission to empower all women in need of personal healing with therapeutic Qigong exercises.

Qigong for HER is Kathy and Zuza’s signature program specially designed in honor of International Women’s Day to help women renew, release and revitalize.

In this private lesson, Kathy reviews their five gentle exercises to circulate your Qi (energy) and blood inspired by Taiji Qigong and Taijiquan theory:

1. Cleansing Qigong (limpiar)—Cleanse your heart and mind of what is no longer useful.
2. Nourishing Qigong (nutrir)—Nourish your body, mind, and soul.
3. Rooting Qigong (enraizar)—Root yourself in a new way of thinking and being.
4. Blossoming Qigong (florecienter)—Allow your new self to blossom and grow.
5. Protecting Qigong (proteger tu espacio y energía)—Discover your boundaries and protect your personal space and energy.

Kathy and Zuza are dedicated to help every woman transform her pain, trauma and tragedy into stories of hope, strength and courage. Contact them for private lessons and personal health consultations.

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Free Online Class Video

White Crane Qigong

Thursday 04-23-2020

Let your health shine with TCM Time! Learn White Crane Qigong with Kathy Yang to heal all your organs.

In this class, Kathy introduces the six healing sounds (Liu Zi Jue) used in Medical Qigong which create different vibrations that move the Qi in each particular organ system. These six healing sounds are:

Liver: 噓 XU sounds like “shu” or “shooo”
Spleen: 呼 HU sounds like “huh” or “whooo”
Lungs: 呬 SI sounds like “shi” or “tzzz”
Heart: 呵 HE sounds like “hah” or “haaaw”
Kidneys: 吹 CHUI sounds like “shuee” or “chway”
Triple Burner: 嘻 XI sounds like “see” or “seee” (like a hiss without the “ee”)

Kathy also talks about what a healthy body looks like in Chinese medicine— explaining the significance of “Clear Yang” rising like the sun shining in our head, face and eyes, and “Turbid Yin” which descends like water cleansing all the waste and excreted through our urine (front) and bowels (back).

These gentle exercises imitate the movements of a white crane which help to support your lung health and other internal organs through promoting Qi and blood circulation in the chest, waist, back, arms and legs in just 10 to 20 minutes a day.

Discover Traditional Chinese Medicine with Kathy Yang in her free online classes hosted by YMAA Boston to help you stay healthy and strong while in quarantine during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Help support videos like these by donating, subscribing, and liking this video. For more info on online classes:

I’ve never done Qigong before and feel fortunate to have discovered Kathy’s online classes. Her class was wonderful—I felt so much better in my body and mind, a very peaceful feeling. I have learned so much in a short time and I look forward to seeing Kathy’s radiant, smiling face again. She has a glow of ‘positivity’ which I find extremely uplifting in these extraordinarily, difficult times. Thank you.

CAROL, Boston, MA

For Kathy’s TCM Time Live Online Classes

I love the taiji ball practice with Kathy! My back felt very good the next morning and I could feel how it opened my whole back! These practices are all so healing. Thank you so much. I am also glad to learn them from a woman! Kathy has such a joyful exuberance!

Carla, Rockport, MA

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Kathy Yang

Zuzanna Grzywacz

Kathy’s kind and compassionate manner fosters trust, making it easy and comfortable to discuss symptoms and health issues. She is clearly passionate about TCM and about helping people reach health and wellness goals. Kathy has a special gift and I consider myself fortunate to have been at the receiving end of her wisdom and guidance.

Heidi B, USA

I’ve known Zuza for years and always perceive her as an amazing woman who tries to bring balance and harmony around her. Her passion for Qigong is unsurpassed and deeply rooted in a great desire to work with people who need to improve their flow of energy. Zuza has the intuition, the kindness and the skills to guide people through the most beautiful parts of their body and soul.

Angelika Buchholz, Poland

Healing takes courage,

and we all have courage,

even if we have to dig

a little to find it.


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