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Listen to our conversations on women’s health and healing, inspiration, self-care and more.

It’s all about International Woman’s Day

Listen to a special episode of ‘It’s all about the oil, Olive.’ with Colin Keil

Take twenty minutes out of your day to listen and enjoy personal stories and poetry from women about woman from all over our wonderful and generous earth. Among four other generous and wonderful ladies, Zuza (01:27) talks about her inspiring mother Ania, and Kathy (13:00) shares some personal history and draws courage from the life and words of Mother Teresa. Please enjoy and share in the celebration. (location in brackets)

It’s all about KZ Qigong
International Woman’s Day Workshop

Listen to our podcast interview with Colin Keil ‘It’s all about the oil, Olive.’

Get inspired by Qigong instructors Kathy and Zuza as they talk about their KZ QIGONG project with the mission to empower women of all ages in need of personal healing with therapeutic Qigong exercises. Qigong for Her is their FREE 2-hour workshop specially designed in honour of International Women’s Day. Two workshops will be held on Sunday, March 8th, 2020; Kathy will be teaching in Boston, MA, USA and Zuza in Lisbon, Portugal. The purpose is to renew, release and revitalise with their women-focused Qigong exercises. No experience required.

Don’t stop dreaming.
Be crazy.
Be hungry to learn.
Take an action now
and go for it.
In whatever circumstances
you are in right now in life,
look at yourself with love
and acceptance.


I want to encourage
all women.
I believe in
a light that shines
through each one of
our wounds
and gives us a renewed
strength and courage
to help uplift others.


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