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Women’s Health & Healing with Traditional Chinese Medicine
5 Gentle Qigong Exercises: Cleansing, Nourishing, Rooting, Blossoming, Protecting
Zhan Zhuang: The Ancient Art of Standing Like a Tree
Cleansing Meditation

Sisterhood is the path to empowerment.

Qigong for HER Program

Join us in our women-focused Qigong workshops for healing and harmonizing your body and mind. Our signature program is specially designed to introduce a simple set of Qigong exercises to help women to renew, release and revitalize.

We also lead discussions on women’s health, well-being and healing in a peaceful and safe space for everyone to share.

This program includes 5 gentle exercises to circulate your Qi (energy) inspired by Taiji Qigong and Taijiquan theory:

1. Cleansing Qigong
Open your chest Qi to cleanse your heart and mind of thoughts, emotions, and memories that are no longer useful

2. Nourishing Qigong
Pour Qi into the crown of your head to nourish your body, mind, and soul

3. Rooting Qigong
Send Qi to the bottom of your feet to root yourself in a new way of thinking and being

4. Blossoming Qigong
Expand your Heart Qi to allow your new self to blossom and grow

5. Protecting Qigong
Discover your boundaries and learn how to protect your personal space and Qi center

Every woman who heals herself

helps heal all the women

who came before her,

and all those who come after her.



It was my first time, so I did not know what to expect and what was Qigong. I think that Zuza was fantastic with her calm, sweet, relaxing voice and explained well what to do, even for a beginner. It would be nice if there was more of us to connect better. Excellent that Zuza gave some examples to visualize the energy and I love all her story and passion.


It was really refreshing to be there with all different women and learning more about the practice of Qigong. It gave me the space to reconnect with my body, and made me realize that the same area I hold the most hate towards is where I have my strongest, most powerful energy. I loved hearing more about Kathy’s personal journey and what draws her to this practice. It made the event more relatable and gave me a real sense of how this practice can be integrated into my own personal growth/healing.


Zuza is a beautiful person inside and out! I had Qigong before and I learned new things today! This workshop was a blessing, it was a wonderful 2 hours. I would love to come back!


My experience was amazing… Practicing the different moves with Kathy, I felt in touch with myself, in touch with my body, something was awakening my soul! It felt as if I was giving power to myself. I come from a very dark past, I’ve gone through things no woman should ever experience. Well that day, I felt some of that pain being released and I was beyond grateful. Kathy, thank you so much for this experience, and you will surely see me again


I believe that this project has everything to go on. I really liked the workshop. Zuza is a great teacher and I really want to do more of this kind of workshops and have more classes.


Personally, I loved the event. Naming it “Rising Up” was so appropriate, as it was and continues to be very up lifting. Every time I reflect back on the event, I smile and feel uplifted once again. Of course, that is because of the presenter of the event, Kathy!


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